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Language Log

Monday, Jul. 16, 2012 - 6:29 a.m.

Q spent most of yesterday sopping wet. 1) fountain at farmer's market; 2) hose-bath in back yard; 3) rainstorm; 4) out for an evening walk when the rainstorm recurred.

Somehow in all that, she managed to avoid napping, and then cruised right on through till 10pm, when we had to have a big fuss to get her to lay down and go to sleep. When she finally did, she was out within minutes.

It was all very exhausting. For J and I, anyhow. Not exhausting enough for Q, it would seem.

Oh: in language development news, there was a great one uttered the other day: "Where Piglet is? [pause] Where is Piglet is?"

One for the generativists out there. You're welcome.

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