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Wednesday, Aug. 01, 2012 - 6:39 a.m.

Got a little order yesterday. Just over my minimum. It's ok. Mosaic earrings. I need to make a bunch of them anyway to have in stock for the fall. I wasn't going to do it without an impetus, so here it is.

Been thinking about pie. First of all, plotting the Thanksgiving pies. Is it too early? I don't think so. Secondly, I'm not sure, but I suddenly feel a burden of being the heir to the family pie tradition. My Chicago aunt's grandchildren may learn it-- she has several daughters, maybe they make pies and their kids will too. I'm not sure. One granddaughter grew up in Qatar-- can you even get pie ingredients in Qatar? But my uncles don't make pies, so their kids don't, and my PA cousins, they either have boys or the one, her daughter is...troubled...and is definitely a non-starter, pie-wise. The boys may eventually bake pies, but the gender division is pretty sharp up that way, so it's not likely. So the only one I'm sure of is me.

I feel like I OWN it, you know? So I gotta do it right. I'm little worried about Q. She really likes frosting, and if I'm not careful, she'll turn into a cake person. That would be a failure. She's young, though. There's time.

Between the pie, the homemade bread, and the jam, I really am pretty classic, aren't I? Luckily we have the cuneiform watercolors to balance it out. Speaking of which, I should go do something. The no-napping has continued, but bedtime has failed to occur earlier-- it's still a reluctant 10:30pm, sleeping till 8. I feel a bit cheated. This is my only time to myself, and I keep spending it all on the internet. Lame.

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