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Language Log

Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 - 6:24 a.m.

Dried smoked apples. Really lousy chicken. Excellent Brussels sprout and potato gratin. Hubbard squash puréed and ready for action. Need to make my mind up about the pumpkin stock before it goes bad.

Mom came down yesterday. Brought Q a toy biplane. Excellent.

Walked to the park with the new stroller (huzzah). It worked out fine. There was an odious woman there being mean to a small child. Clearly of the "say it once and expect immediate, unquestioning compliance; say it louder and meaner if the first time doesn't do it" school of child management. Also very pro-shaming. All based on a very unrealistic view of a 2 year old's abilities, even setting aside other issues. Very hard to watch the interaction. It was unrelenting. Commented on it on FB; of course I don't know who in my extended network might think such behavior is entirely right and justified. I hope if I happen to have someone like that on my friends list, they'll unfriend me, because I would not want such a person anywhere near me.

We know I have lots of opinions, and I know I should generally keep them to myself. But this shit was way out of bounds.

Aside from being a mean bully, the woman also was waxing poetic about how she would never eat at a Vietnamese restaurant because 1) she's vegetarian and 2) those people kill and eat dogs and cats and it's just disgusting and besides 3) her husband is a Vietnam war vet and why would she ever want to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant. She repeated those arguments about 3 times each. Ok, more pho for me, lady.

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