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Thursday, Nov. 01, 2012 - 5:47 a.m.

I had enough morning tea left for one weak cup; I drank half, and then a moth landed in it. Really, moth? You have the whole house to flap around in and you have to land in my tea? Asshole.

Trying to decide whether to drink the rest of my tea or not.

Halloween. We went to the zoo in the morning, where Q was utterly uninterested in the animals but did get completely soaked in the water play area. J teaches on Wednesdays, and mom went home due to her cold, so Q sat and watched Pooh videos for several hours straight in the afternoon. She never consented to dress up, so we sat at home and handed out treats. Or, I handed out treats while she watched pooh videos. Not real happy with that. (She did develop an interest in the trick or treaters later in the evening).

I had this vision of how we would spend the evening: beer or perhaps some rum in cider, then I would make caramel corn. Then we would eat it and go to bed. Pretty modest, really, but by the time J got home, we got the pizza, and he Skyped with his parents, it was like 8 pm and I knew I would not be awake long enough to finish a drink, much less caramel corn. So that was that.

Now it sounds like Q is waking up? At 6:20? Fuck me.

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