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Language Log

Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014 - 10:34 a.m.

These days U wakes around 7:30, Q around 9. I belatedly got the brilliant idea that he and I could go for a walk while J and Q slept. Got a nice hour long walk in. I need to do this more often. He's pretty happy to kick back and enjoy the scenery this time of day. Of course, he fell asleep at some point on the way home, a little early for his nap and now I have no way to get him into bed without waking him. If we leave earlier, that should take care of that.

I keep thinking of a bracelet I made some time ago. Kraft paper, with a caterpillar bookbinding stitch around it. I liked it a lot but no one else that I showed it to did. I think I am going to come back to that, because why not? It stuck wth me, that idea. I like the look of kraft paper, black thread, some gold leaf. Maybe some inked letters. I have nothing to do but explore right now. I know it's not the colorful extravaganza I was talking about, but still.

I have already lost interest in beads for the time being. If an idea stays with me, I owe it a chance to see it through.

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