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Thursday, Jul. 17, 2014 - 6:17 a.m.

They should have me come in for prenatal checkups more often at first, because I am so pessimistic and paranoid. I feel better than I did early on-- less nausea, unless I am really hungry, no headaches. I have been availing myself of u's nap time to nap too, it has been wonderful. Next week I have the genetic appointment and even if they can do it there I'm going to ask them of someone can check for a heartbeat first. No point in doing all that billing if there's nothing kicking. I mean, yes, normally if there has even a heartbeat at 8 weeks, then I'm good to go, but...just a way of protecting myself, I guess. Pessimists are cautious that way.

Need to work on digging the front yard some more. Started putting in more rainwater basins during the rain the other day. Am considering planting watermelon out front.

Bought a cast iron dutch oven at the antique store for $45! Going to antique store is one of the things I can do with Q gone. Also on my list: plant nursery, native seeds store, Asian grocery, Indian grocery.

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