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Language Log

Monday, Oct. 26, 2015 - 1:50 p.m.

My momentum comes and goes so easily. The cyanotypes, I can't get the vision straightened out to where I can approximate it in reality. At first all I had wanted to do was botanicals that were pretty and tourists might buy in shops. Maybe I should stick with that for now and see success at a low bar before getting all fancy.

I want to do art shows again so bad, is why. Everyone knows there is a glut of jewelry, but also that jewelry sells the best. It's what I do best. Maybe I should just stick with it. At least silver is cheap again. Of course, I used up all my silver and will have to order more before I can even start experimenting again. If I do, I will start buying ear wires instead of making them. I don't know how many people were impressed by it, and I hated making them. Took too much time. Hurt my hands.

No framing, no potentially having to ship glass things to people. I am good at photographing jewelry now. All the skills I have already developed. And the ideas I dabbled with but never saw to fruition (the bookshelves, the handmade paper jewels, the sculptural pieces, cyanotypes even).

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