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Language Log

Wednesday, Jun. 08, 2016 - 6:22 a.m.

Now I am patching a hole in my ugly olive-colored maternity shorts with needlelace. Why do I still have ugly maternity shorts? Because they are comfy. I got rid of the rest, but those shorts...anyway it is good practice. And it will look interesting.

Q is spending the week at a day camp. Her first away-all-day affair, and after some anxiety the first day seems to be enjoying it muchly. J is spending all day on site just in case-- at her request today-- but was not needed yesterday. It helps that a) they found a bathroom she can use and b) the singing is concentrated into one time, not scattered throughout the day. But I am here with the two boys and it is wearing. me. out.

Missed watering my plants one day and they all half-died. Crispy critters. My squash didn't get very far this year. We have decided to retire the baby crib and I am excited for fall: I will do carrots or lettuce or something on top, and something else exciting down below. Then next summer beans or something under it and they will climb it. It'll be awesome!

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