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Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 - 7:06 a.m.

Oh man, it is refreshing to be making things people want to buy. I read this article the other day about how it is basically impossible to make a good living just from art, and how you have to define success for yourself-- but in a very specific way (which is what made the article different from many of its type. That and the data it provided on artist incomes).

I think for my linocuts, the print which benefits an important cause may be my new thing. It is deeply gratifying to be able to generate money for something that is important to me. And of course getting my work out there is nice too. I will still make other prints, and if people like them that is nice. But the printing for a cause has only just begun. I have plans now to do one for my friend's child who has some ghastly condition, has to have a GI tube inserted now and will be fed nothing but formula. They are slowly but surely drowning in medical bills. So I offered to her and she liked the idea-- I think he will draw the design.
Also working on a hammer design (for smashing patriarchy). For planned parenthood?

Ok, best case scenario I make a little something for my time. But so far it feels very fulfilling-- better than printing printing printing away and then storing everything upstairs in a drawer forever. Success = getting my work out there and making money for important stuff. And my work makes people happy on several levels.

I had originally hoped to give $14 per shirt but with the cost of the shirts, it's turning out to be more like $9. Hoping I can order directly from the manufacturer next time (but if I have to buy a case, perhaps not). The SOS shirts are really nice, though. So 10.50 for the shirts, 1.20 for etsy fees, .30 for ink, 3 for my time (which is only about $12/hr), that leaves $9 to donate. I hope I can bring the price of the shirts down and give more.

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