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Language Log

Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016 - 11:44 a.m.

I had been reading and posting for the last few months in this fb group for Aspie women. Then this week had like 3 unpleasant exchanges with people on there and left. I am no good at internet disagreements-- you're supposed to act like you don't care, but I do, really. It brings me down for at least a day. Kind of funny coming from someone so argumentative, but there it is. Even the aspies think I'm an asshole. Anyway 3 in one week is too much, so buh-bye. I feel like I might have liked being there for the support during the long dark visit of the in-laws, but oh well.

Right now lately I have been very caught up mentally in my enthusiasms of the moment and acutely aware of how unusual my concentrated forays into particular activities are. I like these things about myself but am a bit embarrassed when it comes out that I have indeed baked Christmas cookies every day for the last 20 days. I feel I should make excuses. And of course I want to talk about the Satanic Temple all the time. I haven't been actually but I want to. Of course my audience for that is somewhat limited. It may as well be vacuum cleaners, honestly.

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