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Language Log

Friday, Jun. 23, 2017 - 3:28 p.m.

Have almost lost the weight I gained in CA. Another 3 lbs to go. Sheesh. This veggies for breakfast (and sometimes lunch) thing is really working for me. In the past I have not really believed people whenever they carry on about how good they feel due to dietary changes. But I actually do, too, now, so ok. Yesterday I had some a) chocolate (too much) and b) crescent rolls and then c) bangers and mash for dinner and while it was all good, I felt yuck. So back to veggies it is for me.

Been working on reading with Q again, every day. She is better st decoding than at working out spelling. That's fine. We only do it 5-15 minutes, it's fun and we stop when she starts feeling bored. Makes me feel like I'm really homeschooling. Would be even better if U didn't keep climbing up onto our work surface and basically squatting right in the middle of all the letter tiles. ;P He's as bad as a cat.

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