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Sunday, Oct. 08, 2017 - 8:58 a.m.

1. I received birthday money. I want to do the following: give away half, divided between Puerto Rico relief, TST, and our homeschool friend whose house was burglarized a few days ago. Then buy some art supplies and stuff from my wish list.

2. Been working on geometric pop-up designs as jewelry displays. They look very cool but am concerned that in context (artsy gift shops), they won't. Or that they will fall over easily and get finger smudges on them. Want to do a) fancy ones for store display, free with initial wholesale purchase, available for purchase separately as well, and b) simple ones for nice display cards they can send home with buyers. The idea is that it will all add value and help get price point up. Will it? No idea. It's more work for me, and inmay come to resent it, but custom touches like this definitely make a difference.

3. General plan being that art fairs are a rollicking good time, but there aren't that many around here and so while I build inventory my main focus should be on marketing myself to retailers. Also will get some in my shop ASAP for direct holiday buying.

4. Discovered that I do indeed still have my GOCCO press. Yay.

5. We decluttered and took down half of the hulking shelf in our dining room. The kids were very upset at first, but then ok with it after they discovered that we didn't also throw away all their toys. We did actually give away about 8 large bins, but that was only stuff they didn't give a shit about. And they haven't noticed any of it yet, so well done, us. All due to the gps staying at a hotel and keeping them for 2 days while we cleaned. (Because I usually just complain about them, but see? They are great really).

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