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Language Log

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019 - 9:37 a.m.

In-laws going home today. It has been ok. One week I can handle even if there were a couple stressful days in there.

MIL and I were talking about my mother. It was telling that she was willing to say that my mother was driving her a bit nuts because every time she talks to her she just wants to say bad things about me and my kids. Now mom brags that she has read 4 books about autism, but she still doesn’t understand why we do the accomodations we do.

Anyway yes, none of it is news to me, but it’s somewhat validating to hear MIL is fed up with it too. She doesn’t want to hear it. I complain about her from stress and we have our different priorities, but she is a solidly good force. She probably wishes I could do better, but at least she understands what the some of the issues are.

Everyone is doing their best, I suppose. Some people’s best is limited in one way or another. Mine certainly is.

Q lost interest in her reading and spelling work but she was willing to accept math instruction, so that’s something. She does learn quick when she’s at all willing to try. That’s the important thing to teach her: that she is good at learning.

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