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Language Log

Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2019 - 8:16 a.m.

Today J is taking Q and E to Memphis with him and U is staying with me. He’s not real happy about this, and has vowed to stop them from going to the airport. He had plenty of warning and i’m Hoping the opposition is mostly for show. Because you know what’s hard? Buckling in a 6 year old who really doesn’t want to be buckled in. Know what’s even harder? Keeping him buckled in.

Pretty sure it’ll be a low stress week with him once they’re gone, and I’m looking forward to doing things we can’t normally do for one reason or another.

Have started stitching together my wall hanging. Finally decided on the composition (my first idea, but I wanted to be sure). Starting in the middle and will work my way out. Ran out of red thread almost immediately, so I have to go to the embroidery store before I can proceed.

It’s a total of 8 ways to introduce color transitions/changes in color intensity. Plus possible variations in texture that come with different materials and sewing stuff on at the end (which could be dangerous in terms of overdoing it, but it’s an option).

The structure is also evocative of plant cross-sections, xylem and phloem. As well as lace. Someday I will systematically vary the loop size to look like particular plants.

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