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Language Log

Saturday, May. 25, 2019 - 8:27 a.m.

Yesterday went ok. Mom came over again but managed not to get into any conflict with the kids. She wasn’t exactly helpful to me, but whatever. The bar is pretty low right now.

I finished the layer of yellow, working on the next layer now. Doing bigger circles on this one, so it’s going faster. Soon I don’t know how I will photograph it as it won’t fit on the big piece of paper it’s been on and there’s nowhere nice to hang it (plus it won’t hang right until I incorporate some hardware into the outer edge). After this next circle is done it’ll be 2 feet across.

Sugar scrub update:
I made a lavender earl grey one but I think I left it out too long and the scent dissipated. Also I used the coconut oil I got at Costco and it’s too coconutty. So that batch is nice and scratchy but a bit of a dud end-product-wise. It tastes delicious though. I feel like I should try making cookies out of some of it sometime.

I also learned you shouldn’t use coconut oil on your face because it acts as a good barrier, but isn’t fully absorbed by the skin and will clog pores. So I might try to find something else, if there’s something not too expensive or weird-smelling. Pumpkin seed oil is recommended but smells like pumpkins, they say.

J comes back tomorrow. Yay! Oh and I showed U a video of a community art project where people built cardboard houses and then they stacked them all up together and it was pretty cool looking. Since U has this crafty urge particularly for paper, and likes to make stuff out of recycled stuff, I thought it was an obvious win. I wasn’t wrong— he said “it looks boring... I’M going to make a paper world!” And so we got right on that. I didn’t realize how instrumental I was going to be to the execution of this, though. He decided on grass, I had to cut it all with the exacto and then he put me in charge of gluing it all down too. *sigh* In the evening I showed him pictures of Pip n Pop installations and he was inspired again. Wants me to obtain styrofoam for him. I suggested recycled because geez, right? And for some reason he’s insisting on store bought. Not sure what his plans are yet.

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