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Thursday, Jul. 09, 2020 - 8:50 a.m.

One of the items was back ordered (the actual photographic paper), and I tried to cancel that item but ended up cancelling the entire order instead and had to reorder everything. Ended up getting 2 kinds of photographic paper. One was 5x7, matte finish, and variable contrast and someone wrote a review saying they used it for pinhole camera. The other was glossy, 8x10, not variable contrast (I don’t really know what that means tbh) and. Idk, can I cut it into smaller pieces? But at this rate I’ll be lucky if it all arrives before we have to leave.

I do think I have the stuff here to punch the hole in the metal (though I appreciate the suggestions, whystinger). It’s pretty flimsy tin and J says my father in law probably has punches and files and so on. Other than that, a needle, a hammer, a little finesse ought to do it. Right? It needs to be a very small hole. The smaller the better, really.

What I am NOT finna do is think about using techniques for constructing boxes from paper and book board to make pinhole cameras with decorative paper on the outside (perhaps botanical cyanotypes). I can definitely obtain jewelry tools for making tiny holes.

Folly! That’s a side quest for sure.

I miiiight think about what would happen if I used some of my dyed paper as a background for gum bichromate. That’s not a side quest.

I tried to read the chapter in the alt photo book about making custom curves in photoshop for process-specific digital negatives, and it just gave me a headache. I will say that I probably shouldn’t be using negatives made for cyan for gum bichromate. I need to play with it some, and maybe print several versions of one negative, develop each in controlled conditions, and see which is best. I have just enough problems that tweaking the negative could help a lot.

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