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Language Log

Saturday, Jul. 11, 2020 - 10:26 p.m.

Went to the farmers market, got soap and peaches and basil. Took pics of the water tower and downtown Memphis in general. Some good shots.

My photo stuff finally got here this afternoon and after dispatching J for development trays and a couple other things, I managed to take and develop 2 photos.

They were so dark! I was confused! Why was there a dark blotch? How could I have overexposed it in such a weird way?

Then I remembered that the process produces NEGATIVE images, so I took photos of them and then inverted the images in photoshop and then yeah it all made sense. The images themselves are weirdly crappy but at least I have a sense of how long an exposure to aim for and what the focal length is.

Tomorrow I’ll have more fun. Maybe I’ll get an image worth posting somewhere. Maybe I’ll make another camera with a different focal length.

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