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Language Log

Monday, May. 17, 2021 - 9:01 p.m.

I ended up having a productive day, almost catching up on the first stage of jewelry making for both orders.

Made phone call, left message request call back with payment info so I could get the other order out and they never called. That’s their fault, not mine, right?

Made some cyanotypes. More mesquite, some chiltepin leaves, and this plant growing in the alley carport that I don’t know what the hell it is but it’s a native and the foliage made a nice print. I’ve never seen flowers on it. I don’t know what collection to put it in. Guess it can be a pinch hitter when I’m low on something.

I had all those intense ideas about the installation art, looked up installation art on Instagram, remembered how much I love/hate it in general, decided it was fucking obnoxious, all my ideas were didactic and obnoxious.

Passed out in a 2 hour nap at 6pm. I had even tried drinking some iced coffee to avoid that today, but brain takes what it wants.

My clothes splurge that I ordered a couple weeks ago arrived today, everything looks fucking amazing and fits nicely. Multicolor sprinkle print leggings. Freaks of nature black and white skater skirt. Cryptids dress. It’s all great and I regret nothing.

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