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Language Log

Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2021 - 11:21 a.m.

Well. Let me tell you, friends, an 8 hour tattoo session on the ribs is no fucking joke.

It looks a little dark now but still has excess ink on it and swelling. I hope there will be more contrast once it’s healed. But I am happy with it. Honestly when you spend that and go through that, you DO fucking like it regardless. Haha.

Barely ate anything all day when I was there, had to lay at a weird angle that hurt my hips most of the time. So today I’m sore and I keep getting short of breath and lightheaded when I stand for long. Hoping that’ll clear up soon.

That’s all I’ve got, I’m definitely still in recovery mode. I have new appreciation for the tattoo guy in Tucson, whose studio is much quieter and who has a lighter hand. This place, his machine was louder, they music was louder (and not always good, which was not his choice), and he had a heavier hand especially when wiping the ink. Which is a cumulative issue. Plus just the being around people for that long is always hard on me and takes a day or two to shake off. Anyway. It’s over.

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