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Language Log

Tuesday, Mar. 01, 2022 - 8:35 a.m.

Damn, my entry disappeared.

Anyway, I was saying I’m supposed to be working very hard on bulking up my jewelry stock for the summer, but I haven’t been. It’s feeling stagnant and obligatory and I’m having a hard time being disciplined. Not that I don’t like the money.

I was also saying I’m feeling the lure of photography again. Maybe even gum bichromate, if I can go pinhole photo—> gum print. I feel like it’s an impossible task given the ubiquity of visual culture these days.

Then I remember that Stieglitz refused to sell any of his photos ever. And I remember that what’s frustrating to me is not that I want money for it, but that I’d want to be able to share it somehow and perhaps find a few people that enjoy that vision and aesthetic. And that would be very satisfying.

I feel defensive that most people would judge my work by the standards of ubiquitous digital photography. But I can’t help that. Once again I look to my one friend who’s the weirdo noise musician. I’d say it’s parallel in many ways. I just need his confidence.

And of course, I don’t need to be good at it or have anyone at all like it in order for it to be a thing I find value in doing.

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