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Language Log

Wednesday, Jun. 08, 2022 - 7:43 a.m.

I managed to go and update the wholesale shop. Put all the made to items on hold. I guess I’ll bring the ready to ship ones and some minimal packing supplies with me, just in case. But it says I’m on hiatus until the end of July. I’m planning to try to make a lot when I get back and start stocking up for at least one little fall burst. If not, well. Whatever. I made one cyanotype yesterday as I discovered a plant that went to seed in the side yard. And I’ll be bringing paper with me to do it on the road and in TN. But right now whenever I see anyones cyanotypes on IG I’m like “eew gross, botanicals”.

Now that I wore a dress for a half hour one day I thought, ah, I should see what that one company has because I definitely may need another dress as long as it’s weird enough. And there it was. My next temptation. A dress, but one with such a disturbing pattern that no one will want me to wear it around them ever. May they avert their eyes! Because next time I have some $ to spare I am getting the doll parts dress.

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