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Language Log

Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023 - 3:45 p.m.

I tried a couple of the new cameras today, they worked well and the exposure time estimates seemed accurate. I even had one camera, one of my first ones, that I recalculated the f/ for and did a little test run and it actually seemed to work under the conditions I was hoping would.

Most of the photos didn’t turn out to be very well composed, because I keep trying to get pics of that cat and can’t get close enough with the faster cameras. So I’ll give up on that, I guess.

And I took 2 self portraits, one where I moved my hands around halfway through so it looks like I have 4 arms. I know that’s old news as far as photo manipulation goes, but it’s still fun.

And another with the wide angle one where I had my face like 6” in front of it and so it has a kind of weird and distorted perspective.

And later, perhaps most interestingly, I used my tabletop Ott light to illuminate a cup against a white background for my fastest camera. Inside in those conditions it was a 20sec exposure, but it worked! Which is big news for me because I assumed it wouldn’t, but maybe I can get some lights that will do the trick after all. I mean, I started looking at airbnbs I could rent and it’s like… but surely if I spent $200 on equipment instead, I’d be better off?

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