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Language Log

Tuesday, May. 23, 2023 - 10:41 a.m.

I ended up walking down to the bay where the senate is and the ferris wheel. Got a few more pinhole photos. I wish I could develop them here. I need to figure out a developing setup that will travel anywhere. Wouldn’t have worked here in any case with the lack of a dark room.

I ended up wedging/draping a blanket across the window in the bathroom to try to make it dark enough. There was a normal amount of light leak from the door and window, but not too much, I hope. I had to, I hadn’t brought cut paper, and couldn’t tell by feel which side of the paper was which. Imagine me returning home to find I’d systematically used backward photo paper the whole time.

My legs are still super sore. I’m not ready to do the long walk again, even though I want to. Surely it’ll be easier the next time? The places left to photograph are the cathedral, the carousel. I brought my cyanotype stuff too so maybe I’ll do that one day. I’m not super excited about the wildflowers I’ve seen, but may go back to that little field by the place I stayed last year.

I’m almost out of grilled olives. Should I buy a whole nother jar? How many olives can I eat in 2 days? I can’t bring them through security, can I?

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