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Language Log

Thursday, Jul. 20, 2023 - 10:42 p.m.

We went to Oxford Mississippi and drank cocktails and went to Square Books. The power went off back in Germantown where we had left everyone else and so the next day we had to hurry back to take them out somewhere to eat.

We settled on mediocre Chinese food. I got overwhelmed and shut down a bit. Later in the afternoon, the power went back on.

Today I cut up the entire giant watermelon. Then there was an announcement of a diesel spill in Germantown, and now we can’t use the water here. We went out to another mediocre meal in an overwhelming restaurant (Olive Garden). “Arr blar blar blar” everyone said to me simultaneously. I had to get up and walk outside every 5 minutes to tell Q something or check on her. I had to walk past a lot of people every time. She paces outside restaurants when there isn’t food to eat yet.

I am so tired of eating food with others. I am over being dragged to miserable environments to eat bad food that makes me feel gross while everyone makes noises at me all at once.

One more week.

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