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Language Log

Sunday, Jul. 30, 2023 - 11:44 a.m.

Okay so I have a solution to my problem with capitalism and creative output and my intrinsic motivation.

My solution:
So the concept is kind of like a fae market stall. Maybe I just do it online at first, but a fae market stall where the currency is not currency but something else of value. What might that be? Something that preserves the trappings of commerce, the sense of a transaction and value, but is both less and more? What could be on that price tag besides a dollar amount?

For me, I love stories and knowledge. So my price would be a story, a piece of special knowledge, a secret. Or a song, a poem, whatever they have like that to offer and I can decide whether it’s enough. Or let me take a pinhole photo of them. If they really don’t have anything of real value and don’t want to play along, sure, they can give me money.

(And shipping costs, of course, if transaction is done online, because USPS doesn’t negotiate)

Anyway, I may start it first just online like this somehow, then try one of the local shows, see how it’s received. Sort of a big performance art piece that’s about several things at once. I’m actually pretty good at interacting with people in that setting if I have a set spiel. I imagine a visually lush and intriguing display, NOT arrayed with a mind to merchandising. A few people wandering in and out again, confused. And then a few who get it.

If I really enjoy it and it’s well-received, I suppose I could start a Patreon to support it, but thinking about that at this point may just be another trap.

There are some challenges about time and how to collect the payments, but I think it can be solved.

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