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Language Log

Thursday, Aug. 03, 2023 - 9:13 p.m.

I did the last photos on some linen I had already applied cyanotype solution to, and am now sewing them on. It’s time consuming and annoying, and if I’d known I was going to be doing that, I’d have put at least one more on there like that. But I don’t have room for it now. We’ll see. It adds something.

I went to the thrift store, one I hadn’t been to before, and wow it was big. I bought 4 more things to work with when I’m done with this one. They’re size L and one M and I didn’t try them on but 3/4 are slightly too small for me. I wanted to be able to wear them when no one else wants anything to do with them, but eh. We’ll see.

There were a lot of things with lace I wanted to get just so I could have the lace as a resist element for the cyans, but I resisted. Haha.

There were also a lot of clearly handmade vintage dresses that looked like they were from the early 60s but they were all polyester. I want that look, but cotton to work on. Oh well.

This cold has been kicking my ass today.

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