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Language Log

Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023 - 7:09 p.m.

Remember that time I was ranting about that one UFC fighter being such a bigoted neo-Nazi bastard/terrible human? Today I transcribed another interview with a different UFC fighter who was one of the most thoughtful, self-reflective, and non-fake-hype fighters I’ve transcribed so far. On Sept 9 they’re fighting each other. So I guess you can figure out who I’ll be rooting for.

Yesterday I dyed that jacket a lovely plum blossom pink-purple, today I put the cyan chemicals on it, and started exposing it and I didn’t quite finished and I am extremely anxious that it won’t turn out. I have to do the sleeves and maybe the inside. If I do like it then I guess I have to figure out how to carve some fucking ravens because I can’t let go of that idea. The piece was so cool in that weird pinky purple color, I hope I haven’t fucked it up.

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