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Language Log

Saturday, Sept. 02, 2023 - 8:30 p.m.

The kids are all sick right now. I’ll probably get it next. It’s different than whatever I had recently.

The hydroponic thingie arrived today. It’s smaller than I expected and I’m not sure how well the things we’ve selected to try to grow will do in it, but only one way to find out. All I know is I don’t give a fuck about lettuce.

Folded a negative into a parabola. The wind kept blowing it before I could see what kind of print it would make. I’ll try again tomorrow. There’s a trickiness to what sorts of images will print how in this form. Is the hope of having a folded form project enough of a distorted image to turn out well and be interesting realistic? I did another where the image was flat against the paper but the periphery rose up in v-folds, and the image turned out ok but I don’t know if I love it. What I really like are the faceted objects that interact with the light. If I can get a secondary image on one of them, it would be great, but I’m going to keep messing with them either way.

Oh I also tried a pop-up structure. That was pretty good. Need to explore it more.

I’m almost done with my paper I had already put the cyan on. I can’t wait to be done with it because I did a terrible, messy job of it on that piece and it’s got a second layer on it I should not have done. But I’m worried that when the roll of plastic gets here I will just want to do large images and I’ll start burning through the supplies at an unsustainable rate. And what for?

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