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Language Log

Monday, Sept. 04, 2023 - 9:44 p.m.

I did the cyanotype on transparency today. You all saw. At first I thought it was underexposed, but after it dried, it was perfect. I tried two more and they were both meh in different ways. I cringe at the knowledge that each sheet is over $1. The roll is a little cheaper, I think. But not enough cheaper.

Same with the paper. I’m still in an experimental phase (that’s all they ever are) so I shouldn’t worry about it. But I hate feeling like I’m wasting supplies.

Coated some fresh paper with chemicals and it’s all very nice and smooth looking. Now really, if I could just get the wind to stop blowing when I’m trying to work, it would be great. That’s the biggest source of waste: the wind fucking it up before the exposure is complete.

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