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Sunday, Oct. 01, 2023 - 9:22 p.m.

Hydroponics give the promise of plants that will thrive and use less water than in ground plants do here in the desert, but then next thing you know you’re buying seed starting plugs and nutrients and ph balancing solutions and a nutrient meter and leca pebbles and you have to flush the water in the system every week and clean it all and maybe I should be filtering the water and you can’t grow them if you don’t have an outlet and adequate light and not too hot or too cold in the water reservoir and you have to research the exact nutritional needs of every plant… I’m exhausted already.

That said, the tomatoes I transplanted survived and seem to be doing well for now. I have a magical window for rooting cuttings in the casita, and now all the cuttings are putting out roots. I also ordered a bunch of seeds. So here we are. I’ll hold off buying the 6-bucket system until I’m sure I can get the things I have going to bear fruit. I have a Costco peanut canister ready and waiting to become a Kratky system. Yeah.

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