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Language Log

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023 - 6:24 a.m.

Did the intro session of the class yesterday. It was fraught with technical problems on my end and I barely heard the first 45 minutes of it as first, I couldn’t get audio, and then the camera never did work. It was really frustrating.

Eventually we decided the camera on the laptop just didn’t work. Ordered me a webcam from Target that was supposed to come ready to work with Chrome, only to find that it was not and I couldn’t download the drivers or do anything with it at all. But while I was discovering that, the built in camera decided to work for me. So. I guess I’m ready for today? If it continues to work?

Also I noticed I got an opaque watercolor set and that was specifically the wrong thing, so I’ll be using either my watercolor crayons or the dried up set I still have that belonged to my father. Watercolors circa, I don’t know, 1970 probably. Who knows.

Just sitting in one place for two hours yesterday was difficult, even if once I realized I wasn’t going to be on screen I got up and started lifting weights while listening. Then afterward, deep nap. Some of that was doubtless due to the tech-related stress, but I’m wondering how I’ll hold up today. Six hours.

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