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Language Log

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023 - 7:40 p.m.

Entered the zoom meeting, the camera worked for about 10 seconds and then fucked off again. Same on my phone. I recognize that it’s not a big deal but they had asked that people have their cameras on so I felt really anxious about it. But I messaged and apologized and she said it was fine so after that I was able to just participate.

I’m not really a rule person but when someone in charge of a space makes a reasonable request and explains why, I really feel a strong need to cooperate.

Anyway, it was good. We did one exercise just playing with different types of lines, and expressing different moods with lines. Not trying to make a composition, just interpreting. I found it useful.

Then we practiced Neuland with brushes, which is new to me. I’ve done Neuland but not had anyone walk me through it before. In a lot of ways I do prefer written, but seeing it and hearing her commentary did add something. I felt pretty good about how mine looked.

Then the exercise about overlapping lines. The ancient watercolors were fine. It turned out balanced and not lopsided and I liked my color progression. I hope I’ll have time this week to do another more imaginative one. Maybe tomorrow before I get caught up in everything again.

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