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Language Log

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023 - 9:59 p.m.

Totally stuck on what to do for text on my imaginary fancier version of the overlapping letters homework. Sigh.

Anyway. Remember that weird color gradations loopy textile piece from a few years ago? I dug it out and am having the urge to work on it. There have been times since I put it aside that I hated it, that I was embarrassed by it, where I didn’t understand why I’d want to do that, all those steps. But now I want to again. I want to finish it, or at least get to a point.

How can I make things just to make things? Weird and time-consuming thjngs. God. My plot to replace rev with mending is off to a terrible start. I need a manager.

Reflecting on calligraphy vs ceramics, as communities and artists and how they make their living. Ceramics, they have collectors, they have galleries dedicated to their medium. They do collections of work and sell them. It’s a whole ass thing.

Calligraphers, they have communities of teachers and students. Good calligraphers take commissions and teach. They might have destination classes where 12 students spend a week living at a monastery in Italy learning Roman cursives or something. There are no calligraphy-specific art galleries or, as far as I can tell, collectors. Not many, it doesn’t seem like. Not the way there is in ceramics. One very well known one had a pop-up shop last year, a gallery of all his own pieces. I gather it was a bit of a flop. Why???

It’s interesting, isn’t it.

On the topic of lines, may do more of the folded object cyanotypes but with a truly gratuitous number of strings in the picture.

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