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Language Log

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023 - 9:31 p.m.

Came very close to finishing the current color round on the textile thing, but didn’t. Tomorrow for sure.

I did finish the calligraphy thing. Freehand, no guidelines and no concrete plan for the layout. I’m very happy with it. I was going to make it all blahs and then a big yada yada yada in the next letter size up in yellow, right across everything, but decided against. First of all, I was worried I’d mess it up or just not like it, and I didn’t want to have to redo it from
scratch. Secondly, I like the impression of a cacophony of competing voices. A significant size change would mess that up.

Anyway, I’m satisfied, which is rare. And it amused and delighted a few people, so I’d call it a success.

Was going to say more things but I’m falling asleep.

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