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Language Log

Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023 - 7:46 a.m.

I feel done with the brushes. It wasn’t quite, in some undefinable way. Maybe I’ll cycle back around to it. Two people said they couldn’t tell they were brushes because of the brightly colored handles, but the brightly colored handles are also sort of the point. Who wants jewelry that simply looks like an old paintbrush? I mean, me, maybe, if it was really old. But anyway. What they said isn’t why I’m done. I know it’s not for everyone and that’s fine. But I am not convinced that it was doing what I wanted it to, and I couldn’t find a way to make it do it.

Anyway. Maybe I’m just down because the IndieMe Holiday Blitz started yesterday, I did send out a couple more emails, but not only have there been no sales, yesterday no one even looked. I put a lot of work into it this past month and yes presumably I will eventually sell what I made, but I was hoping. Yeah.

The most personally satisfying thing I’ve done with my art lately is when I made new recipe card dividers from colored cardstock and did the section names with pointed pen. That’s real shit there.

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