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Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024 - 10:50 p.m.

So yeah I got an order for the new pieces, more of them than I had actually finished making, so I had to kick into high gear, or what counts for it with me. Am halfway through the varnishing now and am on track to get them in the mail Monday.

Then I need to make more of those designs so I’ll be more prepared in the event that someone else buys them. All the decorative bits are cut, you’d think it would be easy enough, and it is much easier, but some have some inlay pieces I couldn’t pre-cut and they take some time and effort.

I did spend some time today designing the shapes for the next batch. I’m not sure how many I should do. There were 9 in the last group. I guess I’ll just do whatever. It doesn’t really matter. No one’s keeping track. I had planned to do some pendants but ended up working on earrings again. Some big fun shapes in this batch. Now I just need some sunlight so I can make more cyanotypes to work with.

E’s birthday party is tomorrow.

I laid exhausted in bed earlier with the worst craving for rice pudding, of all things. If it hadn’t been so late I’d have made some.

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