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Language Log

Tuesday, Mar. 26, 2024 - 8:20 p.m.

It was a bad day. Full of anxiety, panic, way too much driving for no reason, very little in the way of productivity. I did make bread, tomato soup, roasted and puréed the tomatillos. That’s about it. I didn’t even get a nap. There was no peace.

I thought out how nice it would be if I had more room in my workspace to work on different projects in parallel. I have one table which is mostly just covered in papers I shuffle back and forth; if I cleared it off I could do my printmaking there somehow. I’ve also decided that the little nook under the window in the bathroom which now contains a towel stand and an ironing board, it would be just the right size for a scribe’s desk. Surely scribes worked in spaces that small, and without a toilet so convenient either. Easy to hang clip on lamps from the closet rod that’s there. I could just have a little practice area set up. The ironing board itself, if I could find somewhere to set it up, I could do my wire hammering there and have more space on the main work bench. I’m not sure I do have anywhere to put it, though.

Thought about making myself a journal or sketchbook that’s actually just little shape collages I make with my scrap paper.

That’s it.

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