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Language Log

Monday, Sept. 15, 2008 - 8:14 a.m.

Well, then just to show how it goes, yesterday I got turned down for a state artist development program. It wasn't that I needed to be in the program so much as that some of the jurors made kinda stupid comments, and I plunged into a sour funk all evening over it. Couldn't get any work done. Slept it off, I think, all is back in perspective today.

Lessons, though: 1. Apparently that mix of photos didn't represent me quite right (Sure, I thought they were good, but...?). 2. I really have been relatively lazy about my design. I'm mostly about the surface design, and doing simple designs with fabulous surface detail suits me fine. I sometimes don't have the patience to work on a piece that involves a lot of finicky stuff to put it together. Or multi-piece necklaces with lots of details in the assembly. I probably should, because it's the design that impresses the juries, apparently. Jewelers don't much understand or appreciate 2d. That's my hypothesis, anyway. Oh, I was trying to make this a bullet point. So 2': Don't be lazy.

But fuck them! It's a new day. I stand by my work, and if they don't get it, fuck 'em fuck 'em fuck 'em. They aren't my customers anyway.

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