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Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008 - 7:42 p.m.

The grass is getting tall again. I really need to mow.

I had another wholesale order, did I mention it? Yesterday. Feeling pretty good about things because of it. Have had to make some adjustments to things as a result of this and that--

There's this group I'm involved with, a group of other people in my state who sell on the same website (not the wholesale one, the other one). Skill level, level of professionalism varies immensely among the group. It's just whoever wants to join can, which is fine. Anyway, I posted to them about how I need to rearrange some of the things I'm finding I need to rearrange, trying to figure out how to have cake and eat it too, and the couple who bothered to respond were like 'don't sacrifice your freedom to do wholesale! Don't give up on Etsy!'. I guess I wrote too much or something and they didn't bother to read it all, because giving up on Etsy was only the first of a number of possibilities I brought up. (I like exhaustive lists sometimes). Now it's like, I DO need to make a living, here, folks. The potential for income is much greater doing wholesale..AND Etsy...AND retail shows. The trick is to find the right balance.

Not so helpful, those people. I had thought one of them was sensible, too. Oh, well. I managed to make up my own mind without anyone's help, surprise surprise.

And I have all kinds of new ideas now, too.

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