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Language Log

Wednesday, May. 27, 2009 - 8:00 a.m.

Ok, I wasn't going to talk about it much until I get the first ultrasound, but I have to note how different this time is from last time. Perhaps because this is about the time the thing jumped ship before. Dunno. It's interesting. And it's disquieting because I feel more crampy and twingy (not exactly painful, so not really worrisome, objectively speaking) so I don't really know what's going on-- then the next day, I feel sicker. I've been vaguely nauseous, but today it's stepped up a bit. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is nothing at all and 10 is puking at the slightest provocation, I was at 2. Now I'm at 3. I guess as long as it keeps changing, it's all good. I'm certainly feeling more positive about things, which I suppose means hormones have indeed kicked in.

Spent all day yesterday making one necklace. It's not that elaborate, I just kept changing what I wanted to do with it, screwed up a couple of versions, and finally brought it all together. One thing I have learned is that my homemade gilding size does not adhere to the paper if I've already applied pigment. That complicated things. I don't know yet if I can dust pigment atop the gold without making it look dirty, as opposed to shiny. I guess I'll set out to clarify that matter today.

I should go for a walk now. After I finish my tea.

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