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Friday, Sept. 18, 2009 - 12:46 p.m.

Hah! That's a Hah! of triumph. For a while there I was frustrated in my efforts to come up with a suitably fantabulous necklace design for my plot to make an especially lavish donation to that show I'm doing in October-- but I now have a plan. Not only a plan for the one piece, but a plan for a whole slew of them. I mean, a series. Artists don't want to be thought of as producing 'slews' of anything (unless one is modeling oneself on Warhol, which I decidedly am not). Anyway, if it turns out well, I think I can get away with doing a series of 6-7 or so. It will cost me a lot of materials up front (way too much gold-filled wire is involved, about 3 inches per 1/4 inch of necklace length), but hey. Still not as bad as working in pure gold. It's an investment, I must keep telling myself.

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