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Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009 - 7:46 a.m.

3 instances yesterday of my calling to get paid-- two of them custom orders from the last show, plus the wholesale order. The two retail sales wanted to see the photo of their item (which I had offered, so fair enough)-- said they'd call back to give payment info, then never did. I sent the photos immediately, and in both cases the item was exactly what they had requested. Why do they need time to think about it? I like offering really good customer service, but this is ridiculous. Oh well, now I know. Give 'em till Monday, I guess. I've been kind of a wuss about making people pay up front since I know myself to be slow at order fulfilment sometimes, and my items vary so much. As long as it's something I can conceivably sell to someone else, I don't bother. Guess I should grow a spine.

And the person who answered the phone at the gallery said the person I needed to speak to was with a customer. I of course said she should call me back at her convenience. "Ok, it'll probably be in just a few minutes." Guess what? No call back.

Pfft. Also while I am griping about people, that sour potter never did respond to my unnecessarily generous and kind email. I hope she got it, is all. And feels like an ass. A giant, braying, ungrateful ass.

Farmer's market today. I don't really need much. More apples. Some spinach. I haven't decided if I'll try broccoli again or not. Pretty risky. The winter squash are in, and I'm on a rampage to use up all the squash still in the freezer from last year so I can justify getting more this year. Plus I should do something with the three pumpkins I grew last year that are miraculously still completely intact. (And only one of them was stored in the basement! It's amazing!) One of them has been a good and faithful doorstop these many months, but I'm afraid it may be time for it to move on to the next phase of existence...

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