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Language Log

Monday, Nov. 16, 2009 - 7:39 a.m.

Yesterday didn't improve markedly-- the heartburn stayed with me all day, I couldn't really eat till late afternoon. J (finally getting a chance to go fetch me food as the husband of a pregnant person is supposed to) went and retrieved some chicken soup for me. It helped.

But last night was fine. I slept well, and the cats waited until I was already waking up to come and snuggle.

Have gotten a couple of notes from my sisters about how they're enjoying looking at the photos I've been scanning/uploading. That's gratifying. Apparently they had never seen these photos before-- never saw a photo of our grandmother, much of the extended family, great grandparents, etc. It feels good to be doing the right thing in this regard, finally. I feel like I have momentum now. Still no word from the other sister, but whatever. I'm more puzzled than hurt. It could just be a matter of inertia-- I certainly understand that. I'm doing my part, anyway.

No news on the Etsy store front. Well, I put up my new banner. That counts for something, right?

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