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Language Log

Sunday, Feb. 14, 2010 - 7:10 a.m.

Making good progress getting Spigobottom to sleep in the Pack n Play. Not for more than about 3 hours at a time yet, but at least it's to the point where if she wakes up a little bit, she doesn't automatically freak out at being there.

Beginning of March we're going to the in-laws' for the annual conference J attends with some of his students-- and then J is going to a conference in Rio. It was too cool of a thing for him not to go, but now that we see how the baby is, I'm a little worried. His parents aren't going to stay up all night jiggling her so I can get some sleep, like he does.

Oops, thar she blows. What was I saying about her sleeping ok in the Pack n Play? More later.

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