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Language Log

Monday, Feb. 15, 2010 - 8:02 a.m.

Yeah, anyway...

Snow, more snow. It's looking seriously winterwonderlandesque out there.

Valentine's day supper: meatloaf with pepper jelly glaze, carrots sauteed with honey and rosemary, baked beans, and for dessert raised chocolate waffles. Yes, after totally missing out on January's waffles for some reason (recall my new year's resolution to make waffles once a month), I have begun anew. Not going to mess with non-yeasted waffles, either. For this batch I used half whole wheat flour, plus 1/3 c cocoa, and they were good! Not as chocolatey as the ones that also used melted chocolate, but still very good. They didn't taste whole-wheaty. Not that I'd mind if they did. Perhaps next month I will try seriously whole grain ones.

The dryer broke. It's probably a belt. We hope.

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