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Language Log

Saturday, Apr. 17, 2010 - 6:24 a.m.

Is it just my imagination or have the diaryland spammers all but disappeared? Two days in a row now, no easily identifiable ones there. Hmm. Wouldn't that be swell? If so, good job, Andrew!

My experiment with acrylics on pine board was a semi-success. The overall look is good. The calligraphy on top of varnish was less than stellar, but not bad. I posted a photo pf it on fb and got several positive comments. Maybe they were just being nice. Anyway, I guess I'll do another one.

Planted the tomatoes and the rest of the peppers yesterday. It was supposed to rain, but I don't think it did. Still waiting for the squashes to come up.

Had an anxious art show dream last night. The situation was this: A) it was a show I had done before and had done quite well at, and I was supposed to have the same space, but the organizers had given my space away to other artists. B) I didn't have enough inventory anyway, and was at the last minute trying to finish things. C) I had also forgotten to bring my display, was going to have to run home to get all the frames and stuff. D) One of the artists was an acquaintance from high school. I said hello and she pretended not to remember me. E) Then went I went to talk to the show organizers about where I was supposed to set up, they started making suggestions about my product line. They suggested I pare it down to the least interesting pieces and offer personalization-- children's names, or city names (like for tourists). I explained that I can't letter over varnish, it takes a week to make a piece, so on-site personalization was not something i could realistically offer. They looked at me blankly. I was still reeling from this inappropriate conversation when my father in law showed up to help, and started asking me all sorts of questions about the relative profitablilty of each line. Basically making the same point as the organizer just had.

Nothing funny there, just a big tangle of anxiety.

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