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Language Log

Sunday, Aug. 08, 2010 - 8:53 p.m.

More adventures feeding Spigotbottom. Roasted eggplant was the new item today. She slurped it on down, of course. Yesterday also made her these little breakfast muffin things and some zucchini pesto muffins. For someone who loves to bake, I have to say it's great fun getting to bake for her.

She went to bed at an astonishingly early 8pm tonight. She'll probably wake up just as I'm beginning to nod off, wanting to play for another 4 hours.

My favorite beer right now is the Red Sky At Night saison. I'm having a beer, I think I'm going to have some ice cream, too. Then watch True Blood, and stay up late (10pm!) even though I really should just go sleep now while I have a chance.

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