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Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012 - 6:51 a.m.

I thought that a great idea for an internet store would be one that specialized in striped socks. And there is indeed a stripedsocks.com. However, their offerings were a little disappointing. For one thing, most of the stripes were a bit wider than I prefer. Also fewer color options. They had a category called "clown socks", but it was really nothing to get excited about. Plus they had a lot of non-striped socks. Absolutesocks.com also has a very good striped sock selection. Plus children's Christian fish and cross socks, the existance of which I find hilarious. In the middle ages we had grand architecture, gold leaf, and illuminated manuscripts. These days, just glorify God with your socks. *sigh*

I have uploaded 2 of my new mosaic necklaces onto the wholesale site, but no one has looked at them yet. I wish someone would. I am excited about them. I've decided on 5 basic color schemes. Kind of a lot, but not too many for me to keep in stock. Blues. Purples. Red/orange/yellow. Greens. Black/white/red. And then if people like them, I can do limited edition seasonal color palettes, too. I hope someone gives me an excuse to do so.

I have not yet posted them to my website proper. Need a few more designs to fill out the page, first. Soon.

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