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Language Log

Sunday, Feb. 09, 2014 - 9:09 a.m.

1. It is supposed to get up to 85 here next weekend. Hey! Slow down, there! 70s good, 80s not.

2. I started beading a tile and now I'm not so sure about it. I think I'll finish it, though, and see what I think then. It's just a text piece, nothing too ambitious. I am a bit stumped on how to get images into tile. Could I just glue the paper in and bead over it? Or would that turn out to be flimsy?

3. I have a lot if weeds growing in the back yard. I think I will turn them into paper. I am still working on my idea of doing amazing things with handmade paper and funding summer travel to make paper. It's a great scheme! All I need is the right angle on it!

4. I did some guerrilla citrus harvesting from some abundant and utterly untouched trees at an inn here. Got grapefruit and some good eating oranges. I'm still working on my idea to become a roving marmaladist. It's a great scheme! All I need are people who really want my marmalade.

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