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Language Log

Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017 - 2:32 p.m.

The book class went well today. It is even easier than the printmaking class was-- much less cleanup and older kids make it fun and orderly.

Thinking about the little free library phenomenon-- read a critique that points out that the express purpose of the charity is promoting literacy in book deserts and fostering community, and it's pretty clear they do virtually nothing toward the first goal and a questionable amount toward the second. Still, even if they are really more about neighborhood identity, they're interesting.

I was thinking about how to use them with my books. One article mentioned them as a site of play. There's a lot of good about play. I think many young artists go through a phase when they think it would be a delight to leave things in books in libraries. It's never a good idea in proper libraries, it just annoys the librarians. But one could do something interesting like this with the little free libraries.

On one hand I wish I could do something that spoke to Serious Issues and Made A Difference, but really just bringing a little unexpected art into people's lives is nothing to sneer at. Especially these days. Anyway, maybe I could make a limited edition of each book-- one to keep, one to leave at a Little Library, one or more for a children's hospital, one to offer for sale if anyone wants to fund these shenanigans. Take inspiration from that book artist who was leaving the book sculptures in the Edinburgh library, and the one I found on Instagram who leaves pottery mandalas hidden in places and invitations to secret themed parties that she throws....wondersmith. She has a patreon to fund it all. I'm certain my stuff won't be as awesome as either of those, but still. i am warming up to this idea.

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